Publicatii editate în cadrul Institutului de Antropologie 



    Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie is the journal of the "Francisc I. Rainer" Institute of Anthropology of the Romanian Academy, published yearly since 1964. 
    The journal publishes original research and reviews of anthropology covering paleoanthropology (human osteology, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, and paleopathology), bio-medical anthropology (auxology, behavioral ecology, epidemiology, medical anthropology, nutrition, and population biology), social and cultural anthropology (ethnology, linguistics, social change, and traditional medicine), anthropological ethics and methodology, and overlapping areas. The publishing languages are English or French, with an English-written abstract. 
    Since 2010 the journal uses the peer review procedure.

    Annuaire Roumain d'Anthropologie est le journal de l’ Institut d'Anthropologie « Francisc I. Rainer » de l'Académie Roumaine, publiée annuellement depuis 1964. 
    Le journal publie des recherches originales et des commentaires d'anthropologie couvrant la paléoanthropologie (ostéologie humaine, bioarchéologie, anthropologie médico-légale, et de paléopathologie), l'anthropologie bio-médicale (auxologie, écologie comportementale, l'épidémiologie, anthropologie médicale, la nutrition et la biologie des populations), l'anthropologie sociale et culturelle (ethnologie, linguistique, le changement social, et la médecine traditionnelle), l'éthique et la méthodologie anthropologique, et des zones d’interférence. Les langues de publication sont l'anglais ou le français, avec un résumé en anglais. 
    Depuis 2010, le journal utilise la procédure d'examen par les pairs.


    The on line edition of the Romanian journal Anthropological Researches and Studies (formerly named Studii si Cercetari de Antropologie), continues a half a century old tradition of anthropological publishing under the aegis of The Francisc Rainer Institute of Anthropology (former denomination was The Anthropological Research Centre) in the Romanian Academy. The Institute’s first anthropological journal, Probleme de Antropologie (Anthropological Issues - AI), dates back to 1954. It covered three sections: „General Anthropology”, „Paleoanthropology” and „Physical Anthropology”. Seven volumes of AI  were issued up to 1963. Starting 1964, AI gave way to two distinct journals : Studii şi cercetări de antropologie and Annuaire roumain d’anthropologie, the latter open to contributions written in either French or English. Studii şi cercetări de antropologie asserted itself as the main anthropological periodical in Romanian language. It covered contributions in paleo-anthropology, contemporary anthropology, and socio-demographical anthropology duly accompanied by abstracts in English of French. With current IT&C facilities, a welcomed opportunity arises to resume publication of Studii si Cercetari de Antropologie under the name of Anthropological Researches and Studies (ARS). The ARS Editorial Board is committed to support development of anthropological research in Romania while taking full advantage of the country’s admission into the European Union. The new edition of Anthropological Researches and Studies is designed as an international Journal of current anthropology bringing together contributions written in either Romanian or English or French, from either Romanian or European scholars – with no intended limits to contributors from other areas of the world. Starting with 2016, ARS has begun to publish only articles written in English or French, preceded by an abstract written in English.

  • Atlasele Antropologice ale Romaniei
Lucrare fundamentala a cercetatorilor din IAFR. Reprezinta un proiect complex, initiat în anul 1968. Afluenta de date si consistenta prelucrarilor a impus împartirea Atlasului în mai multe volume distincte, consacrate unor zone geografice specifice ale României:
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