Research and Projects


  • Theme 1: Study of some traditional romanian values in the context of globalization

Chief Project: Dr. Gheorghita Geana, c. s. I.

Research Team: Dr. Marin Constantin, c. s. I; Dr. Stefan Dorondel, c. s. I; Dr. Gabriel-Ionut Stoiciu, c. sIII.

Presentation: Property, artisanship, beliefs and rituals are approached as values incorporating economical, legal, aesthetic, philosophical aspects. Also, some ideas, theories and figures of the national patrimony are reinterpreted in view of the contemporary intellectual paradigms. The strategy is to reveal the identity of Romanian spirituality in the new international socio-political configurations.

  • Theme 2: Palaeoanthropological researches about archaeological discoveries of human bones on Romanian territory

Coordinator: Dr. Andrei D. Soficaru,, c. s.I.

Research Team: Dr. c. s.Mihaela Culea, a. c. s.; drd. Mihai D. Constantinescu, c. s.III; Marina Tatulea, a. c. s. (studii medii).

Presentation: Research contract between University of Tübingen, „Hieronymus” Cultural Association and „Fr. J. Rainer” Institute of Anthropology, Laboratory of Paleoanthropology regading the Medieval necropolis from Sibiu – Piata Huet. In this collaboration contract were studied 662 graves with 913 skeletons. First the osteological remains were washed, restored and second, they were analyzed on follow criteria: bones inventory, sex determination, age estimation, pathology, and metrics. The obtained results will be studied this year and this project will finalize with a book.

  • Theme 3: Culture, Systems of values, health and history (2008-2011)

Coordinator: Dr. Matei Stircea-Craciun, c. s. I.

Research Team: Dr. Valentin Toma, c. s. III; Dr. Nicolae Leasevici, c. s. III; Alexandra Ion cs III, Ciuhuta Mircea. c. s.

Sub-proiect 1 : Symbolic anthropology

Faza pentru anul 2009: Explorarea si valorificarea dimensiunii metodologice a studiilor de antropologie simbolica asupra artei abstracte

Sub-proiect 2 : Psychiatric anthropology

Heredity, Psychiatry and Eugenism in Modern Romania, c. 1870-1950

Sub-proiect 3 : Religious anthropology

The anthropological persoective in the works of Father Staniloaie


  • Theme 1: The influence of life stile and socio-economic conditions upon the corporality of the child and teenager from urban environment (2008-2010)

Research Manager: Dr. Cristina Glavce, c.s. I

Research Team: Drd. Nicoleta Milici, c.s.; Drd. Cristina Stan, c.s.; Dr. Consuel Ionica, a.c.s.; Iuliana Constantin, a.c. studii medii; Ioana Fulga, a.c. studii medii;

  • Theme 2: A complex anthropological investigation on children, teen-agers and younths-biological, dermatoglyphic and sociological aspects

Coordinators: Dr. Stirbu Maria, c.s. I; Dr. Tarcã Ana, c.s. I

Research Team: Dr. Simalcsik Angela, c.s. III; drd. Fedor Cãtãlin-George, c.s. III; drd. Simalcsik Robert-Daniel, a.c.s.; Asiminei Vasilica Monica, a.c.s.; Plugariu Elena, technician.

Presentation: The study analyzes the level of physical development of the newborns from the rural area of the Kishinew district (Republic of Moldova), comparatively with the rural area of the Iaşi district (Romania), of the stature-weight ratio in adolescents from the Iaşi city – as correlated with the socio-economic (mainly alimentary) factors, as well as of the modifications observed in the digital and palmar dermatoglyphic picture of children with ages between 6 and 18 years, suffering from eneuresis.

  • Theme 3: Psychological reference points of the family into systemic and anthropological approach

Coordinator: Dr. Cornelia Rada, c.s. I

Research Team: Drd. Suzana Manolescu, c.s.

Presentation: The determination and the extensive assessment of the marital and family system health, using a battery of psychometric tests in correlation with bio social and demographic characteristics. Clinical assessment of the family profile by circumplex model, identification of the behaviour problems or mental disorders with family impact, determination of the emotional intelligence level and also the sexual reproductive health diagnosis, in the context of the “demographic winter”.

  • Theme 4: Biomedical research of the family. The anthropological study of children and teenagers with disabilities in the context of genetic and environmental factors and possibilities of their social integration (2007-2009).

Chief Project: Dr. Corneliu Vulpe, c.s. I

Research Team: Dr. Eleonora Luca, c.s. II; Dr. Lacramioara Petre, c.s. III; Monica Petrescu, c.s.;

Presentation: The project proposes the study of children and teenagers with disabilities, both of bio-anthropological aspect and of their health and social life. The study has an especial present importance for medical and social assistance, taking in to account the possibility of their future integration in various professional groups. The results will form a complex anthropological picture, specific to the age of these children and correlated with their handicap.